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                           Lenten Mission
         Presented by Most Reverend Robert J. Brennan

          Encountering Christ: The Joy of the Gospel

Our Parish Family welcomes Bishop Brennan as he will be preaching at all of our Masses on February 24th and 25th

Mission Schedule
Monday (2/26): 6:30 PM– 8:30 PM
Encountering Jesus in His Own Prayer; The Lord’s Prayer (Our Father)

Tuesday (2/27): 6:30 PM– 8:30 PM
Encountering Jesus in Humble, Loving, Service; The Parable of the Good
Samaritan and works of Mercy

Wednesday (2/28) 6:30 PM– 8:30 PM
Encountering Jesus, the Mercy of God; The Parables of Luke 15

Our Lenten Parish Mission will be a time of Spiritual Renewal and Inspiration


Come and Enjoy a Wonderful Evening of
Lenten Prayer and Fellowship

Soup and Bread will be Served as well as
Macaroni-And-Cheese for the kids

Tickets are only $5 per person and are on
Sale after all Weekend Masses
                         Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
                      Come and Be Still in the Presence of the Lord

The Church is open for Adoration of the the Blessed Sacrament every Friday
following the 9:00 AM Mass until 8:00 PM.
Everyone is invited to take advantage of this very special opportunity -
namely spending time with our Lord in a quiet and holy setting.

We are also looking for volunteers to sign-up for specific times, guaranteeing a minimum number of people are in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament throughout the day. Please contact Connie at if you are available.

The following information is available on our "Ministries" Page:
​             - Schedule for Extraordinary Ministers of Communion, Lectors & Altar Servers
                                                - Schedule for Ushers
                                                - Music Selections